Roswell’s Most Reliable Locksmith

A & A Safe and Lock is the most trusted and respected locksmith service in Roswell. We can solve any and all issues you may have concerning your locks and home security. A & A provides 24-hour residential emergency service to existing customers in the Atlanta area. Our skilled technicians provide quick and efficient repairs for most lock problems or can easily recommend the ideal hardware for your home.

We offer deadbolt installation services to supply and install deadbolts on any of your doors. Deadbolts immensely add to the security of your home, family and possessions. Our technicians can inspect your home from front to back,windows and doors to recommend any further measures that my be required to insure your safety. A & A can not only inspect doors and windows but also door jambs and frames to insure that they are resistant from any possible attacks.

A & A technicians unlock more cars than almost any other locksmith service in the Atlanta area.  We provide services for most of the roadside assistance programs available. We know how your car locks work and don’t have to guess how to open them. Today’s cars are so well protected that in most cases amateurs struggle to gain entry into a locked car. Our technicians are trained with the most up to date equipment and procedures to get you in your car and back on the road safely.

Our technicians work on an array models, which requires having all the latest key making tools and equipment. A & A Safe and Lock technicians have the equipment and knowledge to make a new key at any location they respond to in the Roswell area.

A & A Safe and Lock is the number one trusted locksmith service in Roswell. We pride ourselves on over  25 years of commitment to our customers. Call us today 770-963-8191

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