LCN 4041 DEL Heavy Duty Delayed Action Door Closer


LCN 4041 DEL Heavy Duty Delayed Action Door Closer

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The LCN 4041 DEL Heavy Duty Door Closer with Delayed Action features the enhanced design and advanced technology LCN is known for. As LCN’s most durable heavy duty closer, the LCN 4041 DEL Heavy Duty Door Closer goes beyond typical industry requirements and surpasses the standard performance testing.

The LCN 4041 DEL features Hinge Side (PULL SIDE), Top Jamb (PUSH SIDE) and Parallel Arm (PUSH SIDE) mounting options. Made with cast iron and all weather fluid, the LCN 4041 DEL includes Regular Arm and Parallel Arm mounting shoe.

  • Mounting Options: Hinge Side (PULL SIDE) or Top Jamb (PUSH SIDE), Parallel Arm(PUSH SIDE)
  • Includes Regular Arm and Parallel Arm mounting shoe
  • Delayed Action feature allows closing speed adjustment between 120 and 75 degrees for slow moving traffic to clear the opening. The delay can be adjusted to up to 1 minute
  • Cast iron
  • Forged steel arm
  • Double heat treated steel pinion
  • All weather fluid
  • Non-handed
  • Peel-n-Stick templates
  • Regular LCN closers have “3” regulating valves for General SpeedLatch Speed, and Backcheck. If the LCN closer has “4” regulating valves, then the closer has the Delayed Action feature.

    • Delayed Action is an added adjustment to delay the door closing from maximum opening down to approximately 75 degrees, when the General Speedadjustment takes over.
    • The Delayed Action time is adjustable from 0 to approximately 1 minute.