A&A Safe, Lock & Door offers top of the line access control products from Securakey and Nortek.

Securakey Access Control Systems

The Securakey SK-ACPE Advanced Control Panel is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, two-door access control unit. These panels can be stacked to build a system as large or small as your facility requires. Each of the two doors controlled by the unit is completely independent of the other and is configured, programmed and viewed separately.

Securakey SK-NET™ Access Control Software is an easy-to-use Windows®-based program for managing SKACPe or NOVA.16 control panels. The SK-NET-DM basic software controls up to 200 doors using RS-485, and it also allows a single TCP/ IP connection. SK-NET™-MLD Multi-Location Software is required for dial-up modem use or multiple TCP/IP connections, and allows an unlimited number of locations or Secura Key panels to be connected via TCP/IP. SK-NET-MLD features fully integrated ID badging software.

Nortek Hubmax II Access Control

HubMax II is designed as a modular Access Control System in one or more sites. You can start as a single-door system and then easily plug in Door Control Modules (DCM) to create a perfectly tailored access control systems to grow as the requirements grow. The HubMax II can be networked with other IEI controllers to create the ultimate flexibility in system design for up to 64 doors. HubMax II kits include Hub Manager® Professional software that can communicate to the Hub Max system either through RS232, *LAN/WAN, or via modem.

  • 2000 Users
  • Network up to 64 doors
  • 1500 Transaction storage per door
  • First-In Auto Unlock
  • Eight Timezones per door
  • 16 Holidays per door
  • Programmable with Hub Manager® Professional Software
  • LAN/WAN Connectivity (requires IEI SEG-1 0-296005 / SEG-M 0-296006)
  • Modem compatible (requires IEI SS-Modem)

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