Automatic Door with Concealed Latch

See how Door Resources installed an automatic door with a concealed latch for a local business.

When you need an easy and accessible door that opens with the push of a button, an automatic door is a great option. We concealed the auto opener latch in the inside wall of a nearby bookcase creating a discrete and aesthetically pleasing entryway. Auto openers are triggered by an actuator. Pressing the metal plate activates the switch sending an electric signal to open the door. This offers an operating door which allows customers or employees to enter and exit with the push of a button.

Automatic commercial doors are essential to businesses. Choosing the type of automatic door depends on the amount of foot traffic and the type of business. There are a variety of door options along with automatic hardware available including ADA handicap push plates. Depending on the needs of your cooperation, our expert technicians are ready to help determine the type of automatic commercial doors your business requires to get the job done. 

Door Resources can install automatic doors for your business helping to create a new entry or renovate an existing door with auto openers to access a room or office with ease. We install auto openers with electric actuators on doors in hospitals, schools, government buildings and small business. No matter the size job, our professional technicians are willing to bring you a highly functional and fully operational door entrance option that meets the needs of your business. Call us today for a free estimate!