Door Closers

Why Choose Door Resources?

Time is valuable. When you need repairs of Commercial Door Closers done right, and done quickly, you choose a professional. Door Resources is a licensed and insured company that specializes only in the repair and installation of doors and their parts. Our management team has been doing this for over 35 years. We get the work done on-time to get you back on schedule.

Our goal is to install your door closers to ensure that they work well, and keep visitors and employees of your building safe. Door Resources stocks a huge inventory of the top brand door closers and accessories. And, we provide professional installation on all the products that we sell!

Most Popular Brand

LCN Closers

Since its founding in 1926, LCN has specialized in solving door control problems through the use of high quality, innovative door control products. By adhering to high standards of performance, LCN has earned a leadership role within the industry and is committed to meeting door control challenges of the future. With representatives located throughout the world, LCN provides the products and services necessary to solve your door control problems. Door Resources is a proud dealer of LCN products. We provide a complete package of sales, service and support for these top quality products.

 ADA Handicap Automatic Door Operators

LCN automatic operators are the proven standard in schools and health care facilities for over 20 years. They are easily retrofitted into existing doors and frames, as well as new construction. LCN low energy electrohydraulic and pneumatic automatic operators feature a heavy duty closer with a slow opening function. LCN’s electromechanical automatic operators utilizes a motor gearbox and control box to perform the opening and closing function. Call us today for more information or to request a quote.

What is a Door Closer?

A door closer is an automated device that closes a door after it has been opened. The device is attached to both the door and door frame, and can be either manual or automatic. It prevents the door from standing open, slamming closed, or pulling open to slam against the wall or door frame in the presence of strong winds. The most common examples can usually be found in schools, convenience stores, and a multitude of other smaller businesses and public buildings.

If you have a door closer that is slamming, leaking oil, or just need one installed for a new door, we can help. Door Resources can fix, install and replace a variety of door closers. 

We stock a huge inventory of the top brand door closers and accessories. And, we provide professional installation on all the products that we sell! If you are looking to add a closer to a door, have a door slamming or leaking oil give us a call. 

Talk to An Expert

When security is your top priority, depend on Door Resources. We have a full inventory of commercial hardware including levers, exit devices, door closers and much more. We offer the most comprehensive and responsive service and support available anywhere in the Atlanta area. Door Resources has served the Metro Atlanta for over 35 years!  We dispatch over 15 trucks daily to assure prompt service for commercial, government, medical, institutional & industrial facilities.