Conventional Access Control

Door Resources is proud to be a Certified Partner with Secura Key, PDK Access Control and Continental Access.

Secura Key Network Access Control

Secura Key specializes in manufacturing complete multi-door access control systems – including access control panels, software, card access readers, cards, keytags and accessories. Stand-alone readers for single-door keyless entry applications are also available.

PDK Mobile-First Access Control delivers ease of use and security with their API, you can connect pdk io to other products and services. Create the perfect access solution to meet the most difficult of client demands. We’ll even work with developers to build integrations and custom solutions.

  • Wireless Locksets - Avoid costly wire runs to a variety of openings such as entry ways, cabinets, and server racks with wireless locksets and wireless strike integrations.
  • Video Surveillance - Investigate any access event, easily create bookmarks from logged activity, and trigger access events directly from your integrated VMS.
  • HR Solutions - Integrations to streamline your employee management, human resource solutions, visitor management, and custom print badges for your employees.
  • Video Intercom - Synchronized databases between pdk io and the video intercom software allows users to manage thousands of tenants from one interface.

What is conventional access control?

A comprehensive system of security that covers all the access points of your premises.

Door Resources is a certified partner with Continental Access offering the flagship CA4K which is a truly scalable single solution that is easy and economical to use, program, deploy and maintain and combines integrated access control, wireless locking, alarm monitoring & IP video. Budget friendly and a one-box solution whether you are looking to secure a few doors or a large enterprise. CA4K is designed to grow with your business.

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