Cloud-Based Smartphone Access Control

Door Resources offers premium cloud-based smartphone access control by VIZpin & PDK

Smartphone App for Access Control

VIZpin Cloud Management Tools, Bluetooth Controllers and Smartphone Apps combine all the features of a sophisticated access system with a long-range Bluetooth reader in a small, easy to use package. The VIZpin solution is perfect for new installations or for replacing older access control systems and delivers many advantages. It even works with your existing card readers, biometrics or keypads. VIZpin uses your phone as your key and your network. Users simply download the app, register, and you can send them VIZpin Smartkeys that work 24/7 or on a designated schedule.

VIZpin Cloud Management Tools let you send and revoke secure, encrypted Smartkeys from anywhere, anytime to anyone with the VIZpin SMART app. Smartkeys can have schedules and VIZpin provides a record of when they were used making it perfect for employees, visitors and contractors.

What is cloud-based access control?

Use a mobile device as a convenient and secure way to manage access into buildings.

PDK Mobile First-Access Control

PDK Mobile-First Access Control delivers ease of use and security with their API, you can connect pdk io to other products and services. Create the perfect access solution to meet the most difficult of client demands. We’ll even work with developers to build integrations and custom solutions.

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